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AlphaPlus is a leading service company in planning, developing, delivering and evaluating assessments, supporting our clients every step of the way.

Our commitment is to make educational assessments better and you can see examples of how we have done this in our case studies.

How we can help you

Onscreen assessment
On paper assessment
Practical skills assessment
Synoptic assessment
Summative assessment & exams
Formative assessment to support learning
Diagnostic assessment
Portfolio of evidence assessment

Sectors We Supply

The types of clients we work with include the government organisations of all four UK countries and international ministries of education, as well as many public and private sector awarding bodies and professional certification agencies. The assessments we support contribute to qualifications including, GCSEs, A Levels, technical vocational qualifications, adult English and mathematics qualifications, and certification for trades and professions.

We can provide out-sourced services to support your assessment development, calibration and validation, delivery, resulting and evaluation. AlphaPlus is contracted by several awarding organisations in the UK to write public examinations and to design evidence-based skills assessments. However we are committed to providing organisations with the knowledge and skills to ensure they can deliver their assessment operations in-house through our extensive training programmes.

Assessment Technology

We have an outstanding reputation for delivering onscreen assessment in the real world. Our success is built on understanding how to select and deploy the best technology, including on-screen assessments, on-screen marking/scoring and e-portfolio systems – either from our inhouse capability or from trusted partners.

We support the technology cycle from conception to deployment. We can advise on technology options, write specifications, manage procurements and vendor evaluation, provide training and capacity development, and manage technical implementation work for our clients. We offer our clients the benefits of:

  • Detailed understanding of the issues affecting the validity and reliability of assessments as they change from on-paper to on-screen delivery
  • Experience implementing different approaches with on-screen assessment that can boost security and differentiate products, for example Linear on the Fly Testing (LOFT)
  • Understanding and experience of bringing key stakeholders (authors, markers, centres and candidates) along the journey to digital assessment from creation to delivery and performance evaluation
  • Support for specialist assessments such as adaptive assessments and simulations
  • Global market knowledge of technology suppliers and their products to assist with effective procurement
  • Due diligence support for organisations looking to acquire technology companies working in e-assessment
  • Practical knowledge of developing and delivering on-screen assessment ourselves

We have extensive experience in the design, development and mobilization of onscreen adaptive assessments. Adaptive assessments modify the assessment content to suit the student: picking questions to present based on students’ previous responses (to probe weaknesses, present more challenging material, etc.). They can be faster to complete and more interesting and motivational for students. AlphaPlus is a recognised leader in the design and use of adaptive assessmenting, both for formative assessments to support learning and in high stakes exams.

Assessment Design & Development

Great assessments start with clarity around purpose and the most appropriate choice of assessment methods. We design and develop world-class assessments. Our trials and psychometric statistics teams provide the evidence base that proves the assessments are valid are reliable.

Our services include:

Assessment Delivery

We can support awarding organisations through the entirety of the qualification delivery lifecycle, including:

  • Centre approval & quality monitoring
  • Candidate registration & verification
  • Assessment delivery
  • Marking
  • Moderation
  • Grading
  • Results & certification
  • Assessment & qualification reviews.

This includes computer-marked and human-marked (on paper and onscreen), internal and external set assessments.

We support centre-based and remote-proctored assessment. We can support organisations with their post results services including guidance on result reviews and candidate appeals. We work with clients to tailor solutions to meet specific and complex requirements.

Alongside work on high stakes written assessments, we support clients in managing evidence-based assessments – portfolios, witness evidence, on-the-job assessment and practical examinations such as Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). We have recognised expertise in the effective use of e-portfolios (and other evidence-gathering systems) for educational assessment, and in designing practical assessment systems for on-the-job training including witness evidence gathering, verbal assessment, skills assessments protocols, and management of internal and external verification processes.

A critical element of assessment delivery is ensuring that the results issued are an accurate and reliable measure of candidate ability and enable comparison with other candidates in the cohort. We publish high-stakes assessments results for clients – across the professional and schools’ assessment sectors. We provide reports and outputs to clients’ specific requirements (Angoff scores for a professional exam, vs. standardised scores for a school-based assessment, for example). We also apply multiple checking routines (both manual and automated) to make sure that we provide results of high accuracy to the high standards expected by our clients.

Our services include:


Deciding how qualifications should work – what assessment steps a candidate should go through, how scores are given, how results on different assessment elements combine, and how grades and outcomes are awarded – can be complex and have unexpected consequences. We support our certification body clients (in professional and academic sectors) in harnessing global best practice and local requirements to produce highly trusted and defensible certification, or 
e-certification, routes.

Regulation & Compliance

Many exams take place in highly regulated environments where the stakes are high for the candidate, their training centre, the certification body, and the people who trust and rely on the certification awarded. We support certification bodies in ensuring that their qualifications are worthy of that trust – ensuring that regulatory compliance, governance processes and the performance of the assessments themselves meet global standards.

Education Policy

AlphaPlus supports education ministeries and governments in shaping education policy to ensure that future curricula, learning and assessment provision are fit for purpose for future education needs across all sectors. We have led innovative projects to implement new assessment methodologies including the design, development and mobilisation of adaptive onscreen assessments to support formative assessment for primary and secondary school pupils in the UK.

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AIA has worked with AlphaPlus for a number of years, we have found their guidance in developing the professional qualification so we are able to offer computer based testing invaluable. Initially AlphaPlus attended our Examiners’ Conference to explain the different approaches we may adopt when moving to CBT. Subsequently AlphaPlus provided expert guidance on how AIA should move the assessment from pen and paper test to e-assessment, providing an insight into the process. AIA is pleased to continue our relationship with AlphaPlus as we move forward in offering the professional qualification.

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