Case Studies Developing an online formative assessment solution for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS)

Professional Middle East Assessment Delivery

Transforming healthcare certification by putting candidates first


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, too many students were failing to pass their medical and healthcare  certifications. This is problematic as there is an urgent need for more healthcare professionals in KSA; however, the pass mark cannot just be lowered since standards must be aligned to professional competency levels and maintained over time. This situation is challenging for the Saudi Commission For Health Specialties (SCFHS), the certification body in the Kingdom for most entry qualifications in medicine and healthcare. SCFHS operates 200 licensure examinations which cover various disciplines.


To solve this complex issue, SCFHS are working with AlphaPlus to help medical and healthcare students prepare for assessments better. AlphaPlus and our partners (BTL, Method4 and BME) are providing an effective online formative assessment solution that will aid Saudi trainee medical staff in preparation for their final exam. 

Struggling students will take practice assessments online and receive immediate  detailed feedback on where to focus their efforts to improve the outcome, as well as data on how they compare to their cohort.

Stakeholders like SCFHS have access to complete system overviews of usage and performance.


  1. SCFHS is able to support candidates through their healthcare certification journey while improving their outcomes
  2. SCFHS can rely on a consortium of industry specialists who consistently provide exceptional, end to end service
  3. SCFHS is able to maintain strict professional standards in a high stakes industry.

Visual examples

Sample report for a student showing comparison with their cohort.

Sample report for a student showing comparison with their cohort

Sample report for a student showing comparison with their cohort.

Sample student results report

Students receive information and support through the portal, giving them practical feedback while also helping to build their confidence. Detailed feedback on performance informs decisions on when students should resit.