Case Studies Accredited Training in the Oil Industry for ITQAN

Vocational Middle East Qualifications and Standards


The Inspection Technology and Quality Assurance National Institute (ITQAN) is a state-of-the-art institute providing world-class training programs in Inspection Professions for the Energy Sector. The result of a strategic partnership between Saudi Aramco (SA) and the Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), ITQAN’s purpose is to train and certify young Saudis to meet market needs in five inspection trades – civil, electrical, mechanical, welding and non-destructive testing.

ITQAN needed to establish new high-quality training programmes for these five inspection trades. It also needed quality-assured certification and assessment for the programmes.


Working with City & Guilds, we have provided ITQAN with a turnkey solution for its training programmes.

We developed five specialist inspection trade qualifications to cover its one-year training programme. We provided the ITQAN team with knowledge tests and skills assessments for these programmes, along with training for the course tutors in how to deliver them. These certifications, provided by City & Guilds, provide international recognition under a global certification brand.

Alongside the qualifications we have also provided all the teaching and learning resources for the programme – over 4,500 hours of teaching materials, lesson plans, workbooks and resources. We also assisted the ITQAN team with equipment specifications for the workshop elements of the programme.

We deployed a team of around 50 engineering specialists to work with ITQAN and Saudi Aramco’s experts to specify the learning programmes, identifying induction and common units and then the key specialist knowledge and skills that young inspectors need to work within the Energy sector, such as basic engineering skills, health and safety requirements, company procedures, etc. This team of specialist engineers then worked to develop world-class training programmes which take young Saudis to the point where they can be employed as junior inspection technicians following three trimesters of training.

Our role

  • Developing five specialist inspection trade qualifications
  • Providing knowledge tests & skills assessments
  • Providing 4,500 hours of teaching and learning resources