Case Studies Moral Education Curriculum for the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi (CPC)

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The Moral Education Programme (MEP) in the United Arab Emirates is a 35 hour per year national curriculum in moral, cultural and civic education for children aged 5 to 16 introduced by the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi (CPC). The curriculum reflects the very best in citizenship education worldwide and is configured for the needs of children in the Emirates.

Our role

AlphaPlus, working with City & Guilds, has led the development of this world-class curriculum which focuses on the key elements of ethics, personal and community development, culture and heritage, civic education and rights and responsibilities.

AlphaPlus led the development of the curriculum and associated teaching units, deploying a team of international experts in moral and citizenship education. We worked closely with CPC and local regulators to ensure all materials were culturally appropriate for Emirate schools. We also ran training courses and supported the schools piloting the programme, which is now being rolled out across all schools in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, AlphaPlus was responsible for all aspects of the design and delivery of pilot assessments for grades 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The curriculum recognises the critical importance of promoting respect and responsibility across cultures, and ensuring educational curricula are more relevant to modern life. It focuses on values – peace, rights, respect for diversity, empowerment and intolerance of inequality – and supports education leaders in these politically and culturally sensitive areas.

Speaking at the launch, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan described how nations rely on values and morals, regardless of the level of achievement and sophistication attained. The UAE is unique in its legacy, deeply rooted in its cultural identity, national and moral values, based on the principles of its ancestors. This legacy stems from the UAE’s culture, and is deeply grounded on the values of tolerance, respect, cooperation, community service, giving and sacrifice.

Our role

  • Curriculum development
  • Development of teaching units
  • Design and delivery of pilot assessments
  • Running training courses