Case Studies T Level Middle Manager CPD training for Education & Training Foundation (ETF)

Vocational UK Qualifications and Standards


T Levels are new Level 3 technical qualifications designed to prepare students for entry into skilled employment or higher-level technical study. A T Level course lasts two years, and is equivalent to three A Levels. The first three T Levels – digital production, design and development; design, surveying and planning; education – were made available at selected colleges and schools (providers) across England in late 2020.

The Education and Training Foundation leads on developing the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer, funded by the Department for Education. The offer supports those at provider organisations – teachers, trainers, managers, support staff, governors, trustees, board members, and governance professionals – who will be delivering the new programmes.

AlphaPlus worked with ETF to provide the management and leadership skills training for senior and middle managers, helping them to lead their organisations towards T Level readiness.


In order to support ETF, AlphaPlus provided CPD on leading and managing change for T Levels to:

  • Ensure that T Level managers develop the skills to lead change management within their organisations.
  • Ensure that T Level managers are given the knowledge and skills of how to lead change practically, as related to areas including project management, curriculum and timetabling, partnerships, student preparation.
  • Provide the support for these managers as they take the learning from these courses and start leading the change within their areas of responsibility.

The programmes were delivered through a combination of in-house training, open face-to-face workshops, and online modules.

As well as running the CPD sessions, AlphaPlus included marketing and recruiting for the training. We exceeded all our recruiting targets. ETF have subsequently commissioned AlphaPlus to deliver additional T Level training to the sector.

Our role

  1. Providing CPD to middle managers on leading and managing change for T Levels by leading a series of:

    • In-house training sessions
    • Open face-to-face workshops
    • Online modules
  2. Marketing and recruiting.