Case Studies Developing test specifications for City & Guilds on the Takamol Doroob Project

Vocational Middle East Qualifications and Standards


The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour (MoL) had a strategic aim to increase the participation of Saudi nationals employed in the Saudi Arabian economy. To help achieve this aim, the MoL decided to undertake a range of projects aimed at improving the skills of the Saudi workforce. One particular initiative was Project Doroob (Pathways or ‘Parallel Project’), which was managed on behalf of MoL by the public-private partnership company Takamol.

Takamol developed a range of online short courses in vocational subjects which were supplemented with academy and workplace based skills training aimed at college and university graduates, unemployed Saudi nationals and employed learners looking to increase their skills and develop their careers.

The courses led to qualifications accredited by the national regulator for FE qualifications, Saudi Skills Standards.

These skills and knowledge qualifications were produced in a range of vocational subjects assessed using a combination of computer based testing and observation based skills assessments.

City & Guilds was selected by Takamol as their strategic assessment partner.

Our role

AlphaPlus was contracted by City and Guilds to develop the first four test specifications, populate the CBT test bank and develop the observation based assessment protocols. The first four qualifications covered were:

  • Retail Services
  • Hospitality Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Accounting Services