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Dave Mellor, AlphaPlus’ Director of Assessment shares his thoughts on the challenges of closing the virtuous circle of teaching, learning and formative assessment. When teachers plan their lessons, they set The challenges of closing the virtuous circle of teaching, learning and formative assessment

Unconscious bias: a prejudice or stereotype individuals hold about certain groups of people that they aren’t consciously aware of having. We are all guilty of it. Born with a predisposition Key lessons from an evaluation exploring unconscious bias

At AlphaPlus we develop a range of assessments for different clients. Each assessment produces indications of a learner’s performance; this article discusses two common approaches we use to help learners What are standardised and age standardised assessment scores?

John Winkley Director of Business Development shares his thoughts about on-screen formative assessments. Formative assessment is the process used by a teacher or learner to review and check learning, with What are on-screen formative assessments?

Professional standards and national assessments Professional standards set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours that represent technical and ethical competence for a profession and support professional growth. Professional standards can: Challenges Facing Professional Organisations

Hannah Rowe and Priya Dutta, Assessment Managers at AlphaPlus, talk about their experience working with the Department for Education on the National Assessment Accreditation System (NAAS). Background AlphaPlus worked with Developing assessments for the National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS)

Ben Rockliffe, AlphaPlus’s Deputy Director of Assessment explains how to ensure assessment content is inclusive of culture, equality and diversity. As an international education services company specialising in assessment, AlphaPlus Culture, equality and diversity within assessment content

No matter who is sitting an assessment – whether they are learners in a school or candidates for a professional assessment – it is crucial that inclusion and accessibility have Inclusion & accessibility in assessment design

Demand for remote invigilation (or remote proctoring – the two terms are used interchangeably) has grown significantly during the current pandemic, as awarding organisations (AOs) have been forced to find new solutions Remote invigilation – lessons learned during the pandemic

Sarah Maughan has stepped down as Director of Assessment after almost seven years at AlphaPlus. Below, she shares some of her thoughts about her time here. At the end of April I Sarah Maughan: My time at AlphaPlus

Priya Dutta, Assessment Manager, introduces two common approaches to assessment. At AlphaPlus, we work closely with clients to build the most suitable assessment programmes for their needs. It is useful, Criterion- and norm-referenced tests

Dave Mellor, Deputy Director of Assessment at AlphaPlus, shares his thoughts on the summer 2021 GCSE and A-level exam session. Over the last few months Ofqual have published their decisions on changes Why is it so hard to change the GCSE & A-Level assessments for 2021?

Dave Mellor, Deputy Director of Assessment at AlphaPlus, shares his thoughts on the proposed autumn exam series for GCSEs and A-levels. Covid-19 has meant that GCSE and A-level assessments have been cancelled Covid-19: should an autumn exam series be delivered for GCSEs and A-levels?

Remote proctoring (or remote invigilation [1] – the two terms can be and are used interchangeably) is becoming more commonly used in all areas of assessment, and allows candidates to take Remote Proctoring

Setting the pass mark is a key stage in the development of many assessments. For many high-stakes assessments, it is crucial that when a candidate passes an exam, the certification Setting and maintaining standards

Assessment Validity

April 17, 2020

John Winkley, AlphaPlus’ Director of Sales, shares his thoughts on assessment validity. In this short blog, I want to talk about two aspects of assessment that have come up in Assessment Validity

Andy Lewis, Field Research Manager at AlphaPlus, discusses the challenges of recruiting for and running large-scale trials. In recent years, AlphaPlus has developed a successful field research function, building the The challenges of running large-scale trials

John Winkley, AlphaPlus’ Director of Business Development, explains how assessment theory and performance statistics can be used to create “good” assessments. AlphaPlus has a reasonable claim to be the leading independent Real world assessment performance management

AlphaPlus’ Director of Research, Andrew Boyle, shares his thoughts on working with professional bodies. AlphaPlus has a fair claim to be the leading independent assessment agency in the United Kingdom. Our team Our experience working with professional bodies