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We are delighted to have taken on a new client, Brunei Shell Petroleum, whom we started working with in February.

Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has for 90 years been the largest oil and gas producer in Brunei Darussalam, contributing around 90% to Brunei’s oil and gas revenues. It operates an extensive and complex infrastructure with more than 800 wells on land and on offshore fields. Supporting this operation is a highly talented and skilled workforce of more than 25,000 personnel.

BSP’s In-Country Value Department (ICV) have been tasked with spearheading the continuous capability development of local talent into the industry in order to remain adaptive, of high quality and sustainable for the future economic development. To ensure this happens, the ICV has embarked on a holistic review and standardisation of the key skill pools and competencies they require, with the aim of improving employability of the local workforce in this sector. The work will involve expanding this effort to align with the national manpower strategies, national accreditation requirements and TVET institutions.

The requirement

BSP have engaged an AlphaPlus team, led by Tom Mitchell (Director of Qualifications & Standards) to support their work in developing a Competence Development Programme (CDP) and framework for the energy sector for five priority skill pools initially. This CDP will be aligned with the national regulated qualification framework, and assessment strategies and quality assurance processes will be developed to ensure equivalence with UK certification & qualification standards. The first five skill pools we are working on with BSP are Hoisting Riggers (construction), Scaffolding, Welding, Marker Fitter and Painter Blaster. It is expected that the CDP framework will be replicable and scalable to a further five key skills that have already been identified, then on to other skill requirements across multiple industries.

Our work with BSP includes producing high quality competence based qualifications, and benchmarking these against recognised UK standards of equivalence.

We hope soon to support BSP in the development of assessment methodology and tasks, and in developing quality assurance processes for the identified skilled, multi-track and multi-skill pathways.

The expected outcome will be the development and delivery of a contextualised, fit-for-purpose CDP framework and skills pathways that can be accredited by the national qualification authorities and executable by training organisations within the energy sector.

Originally, as with the majority of our work, our intention was to have a strong onsite presence for the duration of the project. Understandably, this has not been possible so far, given current travel restrictions. However we are pleased to say we are successfully working with the team at BSP remotely and are moving the project forward as planned.

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