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Almost every project we do is undertaken with support of the AlphaPlus’ associates. We’re aware that the strength and depth of the company relies in no small part on their expertise, knowledge and understanding of the complex education world.

We recently sent out an anonymous survey to ensure that we are offering effective support for this network. In total, we received responses from over a hundred of our associates, containing detailed and insightful feedback.

Working on AlphaPlus projects

Out of respondents who have worked with us on a project within the last two years, 90% were either very satisfied or satisfied with AlphaPlus’

  • project management
  • work culture
  • work compensation, and
  • appreciation of work carried out.

90% also replied that they would be likely or very likely to work with us on another project.

Opinion of AlphaPlus

We asked our associates to describe us by selecting words from a list. The three words/phrases most commonly selected were collaborative, committed to improving education, and fair.

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Thoughts and comments

In the last section of the survey, we wanted to give our associates the chance to share their thoughts on being an AlphaPlus associate in their own words. We asked what their favourite thing about being an AlphaPlus associate was, and the most common response were:

  • the opportunity to work on innovative projects
  • the flexibility of work that we offer
  • the networking options we provide with other individuals and companies in the industry
  • how helpful and supportive the AlphaPlus team are.


Overall, feedback from the survey was very positive, and we are delighted to hear that our associates are satisfied with their ongoing relationship with AlphaPlus. Nearly 90% said that they would recommend us to a friend or a colleague who was considering registering as an associate.

If you’d like to discuss this survey or if you’d be interested in joining our community of expert associates, please feel free to get in contact with Zak Horrocks via